Tyr Alan

Meet Tyr Alan, your trusted guide on the high seas and calm lakes alike. A seasoned mariner with over two decades of hands-on experience, Tyr's passion for boating is as vast as the open water. From navigating the rugged coasts to gently cruising down tranquil inland waterways, Tyr's voyages have taken him across the globe, gifting him with an encyclopedic knowledge of boating that he's eager to share with you.

What is a Mountain Bike?

What is a mountain bike? A mountain bike is a bicycle designed for off-road rides. It shares similarities with the electric bike but incorporates features designed to improve durability and performance in rugged terrain. It typically includes front or full suspension, large studded tires, longer lasting wheels, stronger brakes and lower gear ratios for steep grades. …

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How to Build Sailing Boats at Home

Have you ever thought about having or maybe building your own boat? Many people believe that boat building is just for pros or boat enthusiasts, but that’s not true. Everyone with a little skill and good will can use homemade sailboat plans even with zero experience. Plans for a homemade sailboat have simple instructions which …

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Best Gifts for Boat Owners

If you have a dearest one who enjoys boating and owns a boat, a neat way of surprising them for Christmas, birthday or anniversary is getting them something related to their passion. Boat owners will know to appreciate the fact that you went out and finding something that is relevant to their interests instead of …

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