Best Gifts for Boat Owners

If you have a dearest one who enjoys boating and owns a boat, a neat way of surprising them for Christmas, birthday or anniversary is getting them something related to their passion.

Boat owners will know to appreciate the fact that you went out and finding something that is relevant to their interests instead of just buying the first generic gift like everyone else. Here are some ideas of potential gifts to get to that special boat lover.

Boating gear, shoes, and clothes-even though your boat loving friends or family probably already have boating shoes, jackets, and hats, more is always welcome.

You might not know that the boating gear tends to get blown away, lost or just plain wet when sailing the seas, so having a spare pair of shoes or an extra hat or two on board is always handy.

Besides, most boating fans like to show off their boating chops by wearing Nautica, Paul & Shark and other boating gear even when on dry land. Another neat idea is a boat owner’s kit. You know how much the drivers of luxurious exotic cars like to polish, shine and detail their machines?

Well, let me tell you – boat owners are just like that, only ten times worse. I never met a boat owner who didn’t enjoy cleaning, shining and polishing their vessel, so gifting them a kit with all the necessary stuff they need for that job is guaranteed to make them happy.

You also can’t go wrong with a boater’s logbook. A logbook is something boat owners use every day and an accessory that a boat owner can’t be without when at sea or dock.

And since it’s bound to be used both every day and for a long time, gifting that special boater an elegant, leather-bound logbook will undoubtedly make sure that you are on their mind every time they look at the logbook for years to come. And a great accompanying piece to the logbook, or on its own is a classic sextant

It’s true that almost all boats have GPS systems for orientation and navigation, but a classic sextant is both a nifty tool to have on hand in case the GPS fails and a nice reminder of the days bygone when hardened mariners used it for navigating the high seas with nothing to orientate by other than the moon, sun and stars. In any way, it’s both a beautiful and meaningful classy and classic gift for every boat owner.

Lastly, you can’t go wrong if you opt for a sturdy life vest and whistle set. There’s no way to show your care for the wellbeing of your fellow boater than gifting him a life vest. Even if your friend already owns one, it’s a present that’s sure to be appreciated and always on the boat if the need may be.

You can also include a new whistle with the gift, which is a century-old tool used by mariners and sailors to call for help when they find themselves in trouble at the sea.


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