Bowfishing in the USA is officially prohibited by all Fishing Rules, including federal ones. However, if the reservoir is artificial (that is, the coastal line does not fall under the law on free access of citizens to natural resources). The fish in it is bred by service providers (fish hatchery complex, stocking with rearing, etc.).

The facility owner has the right to provide paid services for the extraction of fish resources belonging to him on the right of ownership – at his discretion, including with bows of the poundage permitted in the USA.

Fishing with onions in the USA has recently become more and more popular. At its core, bow fishing is more of a hunt for river fish because the point of bow fishing is to find a fish in a pond and hit it with a bow. Hunting for fish with a bow is similar to real hunting and explains the fact that there are a lot of hunters among lovers of fishing with a bow.


Fishing with a compound bow for the money will require a certain amount of physical fitness and effort from you. Are you ready to be in one position, holding the string taut for a long time, tracking down a suitable trophy fish?

Fishing with a bow in terms of the level of difficulty and fascination of the process is not inferior to either gun hunting or bow hunting and, in some cases, even surpasses them. Even after tracking down a fish in the water, you still need to try to aim at fast-swimming prey and get into it accurately.

Another difficulty hunting fish with a bow is the special conditions for targeting because the aquatic environment refracts light rays. Consider this before archery.

For a shot, it is necessary to consider the law of refraction of light at the interface between media with different refractive indices. When the hunter sees a target in the water, it is not there but lower. Respectively, you need to shoot under the fish.

Moreover, the sharper the angle at which the hunter looks at the fish, the deeper it is about its visual projection. Plastic bottles submerged at some depth are a very good simulator. The bottle is tied with a rope to a stone and thrown to the bottom. If you have waited for your trophy, know that it is recommended to shoot from a bow at fish in the near-head part of the body.

If shot in the belly, the fish can escape, and the shot in the tail can damage the gallbladder that it is recommended to shoot from a bow at fish in the near-head part of the body.

If shot in the belly, the fish can escape, and the shot in the tail can damage the gallbladder that it is recommended to shoot from a bow at fish in the near-head part of the body. If shot in the belly, the fish can escape, and the shot in the tail can damage the gallbladder.


In fishing with a bow, a balance of several main components is important, the constant of which are the availability of bow fishing equipment and a suitable pond with fish:


The main condition for fishing with a bow is the water’s transparency in a river, lake, or in some other body of water, since the search for fish in reservoirs with dirty or turbid water is not possible.

Mountain or northern transparent rivers are ideal for bow fishing; in central USA, a transparent lake with large carp is also suitable for bow fishing. Another related factor for successful bow fishing is the presence of large fish in the pond.

It won’t be difficult for an experienced archer to hit a small fish, but why hit a trifle? Many who insist on shooting small fish with a bow will be disappointed to learn that the harpoon-type tip will rip the small fish apart. And no good for you, and the fish will die just like that.


Bow fishing involves the use of special bow fishing equipment:

  • a bow for fishing, a compound bow for fishing – for fishing with a bow, you can use almost any throwing weapon, including a crossbow;
  • special arrows for fishing, characterized by increased weight, also, they are devoid of plumage and are equipped with a harpoon-type tip that prevents fish from falling off; plumage on arrows for fishing is not used, since shooting is usually carried out at a short distance, and the splash from the plumage can frighten off the fish. Moreover, the plumage greatly changes the ballistic properties of the arrow underwater;
  • bow fishing reel – after shooting a fish, the arrow flies, unwinding the reel, to pull out the caught fish (or just an arrow), the bow fisher winds the line on the reel manually; also stores a flashy line or strong line in the bow fishing reel that can handle 80 to 400 pounds of pull (1 pound = 456 grams);


If you plan to do bow fishing, you should start by choosing a bow or crossbow for your bow fishing. It is quite simple to buy a bow for fishing; you just need to contact a special store.

A fishing bow can be used with a classic or hunting bow or a special bow for hunting fish. The best option for fishing is a compound bow, which is much more comfortable to hold under tension.

So, if you already have a throwing weapon, you shouldn’t worry about where to buy a bow for fishing. The store will simply find the right bow fishing reel, harpoons, and bow fishing tips for you. You can buy a ready-made set of equipment for fishing with a bow.


Bow fishing kits usually include all the necessary equipment. You just need to decide on the choice and price.

The Extreme Duty Spincast Bowfishing Kit will cost you 157 Dollars. The set includes a Bow fishing reel, 30-meter rope with tensile force up to 90 kg, boom shelf, harpoon with Carp Point.

A set for fishing with a bow Retriever Pro costs about 137 dollars. Includes Retriever Pro mechanical bow fishing reel, 2 tipped harpoons, and tutorial DVD. Available with Piranha and Penetrator handpieces.

Don’t be intimidated by the prices; the kits include all the best, but there are also budget options, so fishing with a bow is available to everyone. For instance, a set for fishing with bows Bowfishing kit will cost only 11 dollars. The set for hunting fish with a bow includes Fiberglass weighted arrow with a harpoon tip, bow fishing reel; a thread; a bolt for attaching a bow fishing reel.


Reliable bow fishing reels are in approximately the same price range: 82 – 103 dollars. It’s important to pay attention to the following bow fishing gear.:


BigGame series mechanical bow fishing reel. It features a reinforced cable that can withstand tension up to 270 kg—also equipped with a harpoon shako.

AMS Boyfishing Reels feature high build quality, a convenient cable container, and a wring system that squeezes water out of the cable as it unwinds.

The attachment system allows you to attach the bow fishing reel to almost all models of bows and crossbows.


Mechanical bow fishing reel. The maximum breaking strength of the rope is 90 kg. It is equipped with a harpoon shako.

Made by AMS, which means this bow fishing reel is suitable for almost all models of bows and crossbows. The Pro prefix speaks for itself and allows you to determine the level.


A simpler and slightly cheaper version of a mechanical bow fishing reel from the same manufacturer. The maximum breaking strength of the rope is 90 kg.


Choosing a harpoon for bow fishing will not be easy due to the variety of offerings. The cheapest harpoon will cost 11 dollars. This is a Long Barb Piranha Point carbon bow fishing harpoon with a tip.

Harpoon for bow fishing fiberglass Shure Shot Penetrator Carp with a tip also costs 11 dollars. The most expensive was the carbon harpoon for the Gator Getter Point crossbow with a tip of 36 dollars.

The line of harpoons in the price range from 14 to 19 dollars from the manufacturer AMS is widely presented. Bowfishing harpoons under the Muzzy brand are usually produced without tips and cost: carbon fiber for a crossbow – 25 dollars, aluminum – 20 dollars. Harpoon tips from Muzzy will cost from 9 to 11 dollars.


Of additional equipment, fishing with a bow may require a bow fishing rope for 2 dollars, a roller shelf for bow fishing for 3 dollars.

For those who plan to hunt fish with a crossbow, a bracket for mounting a boy fishing reel on a Sleek-X crossbow from the AMS brand for 41 dollars may come in handy.

The bracket for installing the bow fishing reel on the Bracket crossbow from Muzzy costs about 21 dollars. It is very important to get special glasses that protect your eyes from glare on the water surface in sunny weather.

If we classify the level of difficulty of fishing with a bow from various throwing weapons, then the hierarchy of difficulty in terms of the level of effort and the result is as follows.


Bowfishing in the USA can hardly be called fishing in the literal sense of the word because onions are not among the permitted fishing gear; therefore, where to go bow fishing is a big question.

Let’s say right away that fishing with a bow is not worth it in public bodies of water. But you can try to negotiate with hunting and fishing farms where they can conduct an experimental hunt for fish and onions.

Or we advise you to contact private organizers of bow fishing on your reservoirs. For example, the family farm “Crystal Lake” provides a bow fishing service.

Bowfishing equipment rental (fishing with a compound bow) – 14 dollars. in an hour. (including an instructor’s accompaniment and caught fish, rent of a gazebo, and a barbecue with firewood for preparing a trophy).


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