Test and Opinion of the Ultrasport Longboard Carving

Ultrasport Longboard Carving: We want to remind you that we posted a few weeks ago our selections of the best longboards, I hope our selection will allow you to find a board for your needs.

Ultrasport Longboard Carving

We are here to present the Ultrasport Longboard Carving; we will give you the technical characteristics as well as our test and advice.

The Technical Specifications of the Longboard Ultrasport Carving :

  • Length / Width: 110 cm / 23 cm
  • Use: Cruising
  • The brand: UltraSport
  • Materials: 7 plies of maple
  • Weight: 3.3 kg
  • Color: 4 different choices
  • Trucks: not announced by the designer
  • maximum weight: 100 kg
  • Ball bearing: Abec 7

The board

A good quality longboard board must contain at least seven plies of maple. However the quality of the wood is important, the location of the operation and the amount of knot in wood, little-hindered flexibility.

Here our board respects the conditions because it has seven plies of maples however no information is given on the place of exploitation because the quality of the wood is not optimal the board is not flexible enough which is a pity for the Freeride because we did a little less well during slippage.

We found that this board was not well adapted to freeride because of its board which is too rigid however for a child who wishes to use it for the Cruising (for displacement) this board is perfect.

Trucks and Bushings

As for the vehicles, where the manufacturer does not give details on the trucks used because the trucks are bad qualities. Moreover, the bushings are too hard and are not pleasant for driving; it allows us not to take tight turns while having good stability! That’s why we advise you to change them.

The Slant Inverted offers a perfect rotation with very significant resistance. I put you a link to the Inverted Slant. The original bushings are not perfect and have a short lifespan; the Jucker Hawaii 83a is perfect for a child, an adult will head to bushings of 95a.

The wheels

The wheels respect the ideology of the board because they have square lips which is a good thing for the Cruising because the board can take turns quickly thanks to the grip they offer. However, the materials that make up the wheels are not good qualities. Moreover, they are not enough moles, especially for a child.

I think it would be wise for an adult to change the wheels and take Profi Wheels wheels from the Apollo brand.

Ball bearings

The ABEC 7 bearings allow the board to reach speeds quite impressive (they are however more fragile than an Abec bearing less than 7). The bearings are of good quality which is a strong point not to be overlooked.

The bearings are perfect however it can be noted that for a child a bearing Abec 1 or 3 would have been more suitable for the use of a child who will surely need a board that receives better shots.

The conclusion of our test:

The Ultrasport longboard is the first price board that holds the road, very affordable; it has a board that suits the longboard amateur and who would look for a first board before investing in a more expensive board! The weight is correct even for a child, the design, it is nice and offers different ranges however we can still note some imperfection at the levels of trucks, bushings, and Pads and that is not good quality, think then to change them!

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